It’s Probably NOT Appendicitis, Again

Several days ago I had a twinge in my lower right side, nothing extreme, but enough that I asked Jeff, “Can your appendix grow back?”  Last night, that pain went from a twinge, to buckling me over in pain and tears, (Jeff and William are out of town) so Ashley went with me to urgent care this morning.  Considering that I had my appendix removed in 1989, it’s highly unlikely that I have appendicitis.  HOWEVER, the doctor took one look at me and said, “If this were ANYONE ELSE, I’d say that your appendix cannot grow back, but since it’s YOU, I think you need to have an ultrasound by a specialist.”  Ashley is hoping it is my appendix because she would like to write a paper on this particular topic. 🙂

It’s more likely it’s an ovarian cyst.  While this subject is usually considered personal and private, a stigma to discuss, I thought about it and most of you have been on this journey with me for ages and it’s not something that I would “keep secret.”  This is part of the deal, weird medical issues for me.  Besides, most of ya’ll are family… And this is the place I document my life… for me and you.  [And NO… I’m not pregnant 😉  Trust me… I know.  I was talked out of “sharing” personal details on my blog once before… but if you know what to look for the proof is here. the word you are looking for is “other changes” 😉 ]

Considering that either of these (appendicitis or cyst), would create all sorts of additional issues if they were to rupture (i.e. would they ever stop bleeding because I take Xarelto??), I am currently waiting for “pre-authorization” with my insurance, for an ultrasound within the next couple of days.  Hopefully, I will know more on Wednesday? Thursday?  Of course, if anything worsens, a trip to the ER will be in order.

[NOTE added 03/11/15: I had the ultrasound(s) today. As you know, technicians are never allowed to discuss, and this was no different.  However, I have had 100’s of ultrasounds so I can clearly self-diagnose that it appeared to me to be a cyst, that has not ruptured at this time, but I’m not efficient enough to distinguish if that is actually a tumor or a cyst or something completely else.  The technician did go out of her way to see if I have an appendix in “her her area of scope” for Ashley’s benefit.  No appendix was found at this time 😉  The diagnostic center should send the results to my doctor sometime Thursday, and hopefully, I will know “something” by the end of Friday.  I’ll keep ya posted.  As before, if anything worsens, a trip to the ER will follow.  At this point, walking and standing do not seem to bother me at all.  Driving, bending, and stairs get me attention, so I limit that, otherwise, business as usual.]

[NOTE 2:  I have spared all the technical details but feel free to email me with questions.]

[NOTE 3: They confirmed it is a large cyst that has not ruptured. We are gonna WAIT & SEE with a follow-up in 4wks unless worsens. Any advice you might have is appreciated!]

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