It’s Really NOT a Swimsuit

Today, I pulled a very funny prank, shame on me. 🙂 I had an elderly (said he was 93) man ask me into the lounge area where he and several customers were waiting. He said “We all would like to know what is a clear bra?” Without hesitation and with a straight face, I told him it was a new kind of girls’ swimsuit. He said “Oh my!” and turned BRIGHT RED, wherein I was compelled to show him pictures… of the clear bra protection film that is installed on the front of a vehicle’s hood/headlights to protect the paint/glass from rock chips.

He laughed so hard, still bright red, said “I do believe in my 93 years, that is the best prank anyone has pulled over on me! If I die laughing, it will be well worth it young lady. I want to shake your hand.” All the other customers were laughing and clapping.

It was a good prank. 🙂

I pulled a similar prank on my dad once…

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