Aunt Mousie’s Spider Poem

FIRST, go read yesterday’s post about the spider:

THEN, read this:

Dear Theresa,

You never know when what you say
Could inspire a poem, which it did today.
I have altered your words just a bit.
So here we go, this is it….

“Leave it alone,” Ashley said
(The spider was on the ceiling above her head).
“It’s not bothering us so let it alone
In a few minutes it will be gone.”

Mom, in her wisdom, quick to reply,
Said, “Maybe we want the spider to die,
But if Courtney was here
She would properly scream
And the poor startled spider
Would just leave the scene.”

That is silly, but I just couldn’t resist. Hope it gives you a laugh.
I think about you often and hope you are feeling better everyday.

Love to all,
“Aunt Mousie

It’s not often that ya’ll send me poems and this one made our day! Still laughing! THANKS!

This totally makes me think of our Dr. Seuss moments:

One Year Ago:

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