Hopefully “On The Road” to TX (Thurs AM)

Hopefully, William and I will be on the road “bright and early” Thursday morning.

The tentative plan so far is: Denver to Lubbock (to visit my cousin Tammy & family), Lubbock to Moulton where I have a lot of extended family, including TWO great-aunts! Moulton to Edna (Deidra & Whitley family), Edna to Alvin (staying with Jeff’s sister Patti & family). We have many relatives and friends in the Alvin/League City/ Kemah areas. Some of ya’ll live just north of Houston (or Baytown & Tomball) so we’ll figure that out.

At the moment, I “PLAN” to stay in the south Houston area for SEVERAL days to a week.

From Houston area to Odessa… maybe stopping in San Antonio (tentative). Odessa, TX to Artesia, NM (quick stop) to Socorro, NM. Jeff has cousins and Aunts/Uncle in these areas. Socorro, NM to Santa Fe, NM (quick stop) to Colorado Springs, CO (quick stop) to BACK HOME.

Everything is negotiable/tentative except Moulton… If I’m doing this… I’m going to Moulton. Some of the times are “quick-stop” but for the most part, at least a day… all times are “give or take a day or so” depending on how I feel.

It’s been suggested and requested by many of you, that I try to plan a dinner out (in the League City greater area) so that people can just meet me there. I’ve penciled in this idea but keep in mind that I cannot “do loud” so if my head is hurting, this will not work for me 🙁 I’ll keep ya posted! I’ll post update on FB and blog.

If you live along this route, give or take a mild detour, let me know because maybe we can “meet for coffee… or lunch… or a quick hug at the store!” Feel free to txt me (or call) and get a status. If you have William’s # you can txt him too.

Hope to see ya soon! TAZ

[NOTE UPDATE 06/10/15: on my way back from Edna (Deidra’s) we are going to The Woodlands to hang out on Tues 16th and “do something” dunno what yet. Then meeting Uncle Rick & family for dinner. Karen O’Rourke & family will meet me there. THEN, we’ll head down to Patti’s in Alvin.

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