Driving Around Morales 06/19/15

[pics incl]  Well… we are all still in Morales 😉  I’m thinking Deidra is jealous of the quality time William and I are getting wither her parents.  We have a secret handshake now and everything! 😉

Today, we took their Suburban out to see if we could “get out of this area.”  Their Suburban is higher up than my car, but it is NOT 4WD, so for the most part, we assumed IF they can get out, my car can get out.  We drove all around for 2.5 hours… and did NOT get out.  There is one way (on a dirt road for about 4 miles) right near there house, that has been flooded but when the water recedes a bit, some of the great big, 4WD trucks have been getting through… and assuring us that under no circumstances will her Suburban or my car get through that area.

SOOOO, looking at your map, William and I are currently off of Hwy 111, where you take CR 283 to CR 284 (we are out on 284) before you get back to CR 18. My only chance of getting out will be CR 284 to CR 401 to CR 282 to 530 to 1300. 1300 to 710/CR 399 has standing water today that 4WD can get through. I might try 1300 to 71 in El Campo…. otherwise, I’ll be back in Morales 🙂

[NOTE UPDATE:  it took us over 2hrs to get from the Whitley’s to El Campo, via back roads, but as of 06/20/15 2:15pm, we are out and on our way to Alvin, TX]

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