Things We Learned on Our Trip

1) TX does not believe in speed limit signs. Unless it’s 80mph, then those are posted often.

2) our car doesn’t “speak” English

3) Mother Nature is very temperamental and will respond with uncanny and precise timing and accuracy

4) you can hear, from the inside, a rattlesnake strike your car, on the outside

5) black twizzlers are NOT black licorice

6) Some small towns have a 6:30pm factory shift change alarm; the fact that it coincides with a possible tornado storm is irrelevant.

7) 4th meal is a REAL thing. You go out to eat; it sucks; so you go out to another restaurant directly.

8) Jupiter and Venus could look a lot closer together if you take your glasses off and squint, or change positions… like to a different country 😉

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