NOT Selling Stuff

I “hate” trying to sell stuff but I’d like to be a better friend/supporter of YOU trying to sell stuff. 😉 I used to be pretty good about networking my friends together and I have kinda gotten away from that; I’d like to revisit this idea. Just because I don’t want/need/like/”know anything about” a product or service, doesn’t necessarily mean that ya’ll don’t either. In that line of thinking, I’d like to “support” my friends and family as they try to branch out and start new adventures. I’m not promising to sign up for a monthly fee, but I am willing to attend and even “host” events to help YOU.

I figure this is as good a way as any to help me reconnect with people! Besides, I’m also, all about giving “the little guy a raise!” [ ]

You can try txt/FB/phone but probably the best way to get me to remember that I said this ;-)… is to send me an email. I can read/unread emails to help me remember to do something. In any case, please be patient and persistent! I really do want to help you!

PS. You can find me on FB or LinkedIn: tazscott99 If you need my cell phone, you’ll have to ask me, I’m not posting that 😉

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