Velma and David Visiting 08/22/15

[pics incl] Velma and David picked up Courtney and Ashley from work and came to our house for dinner. No the main floor isn’t finished but at the moment it’s usable. I did NOT cook 😉

Velma got new hearing aides this week and is still adjusting the settings. She is very pleased with what she can hear. Courtney asked, “can you hear bats..?” The non-response she received from Velma can only be interpreted as “Yes?!?”

Will is over hanging out with Josh and today we bought them Quelf [NOTE: if you have kids 6+ you MUST get this game… you will love me… and hate me]. Speaking about Quelf reminded Velma that she had brought “Tenzies” [think Yahtzee on steroids]. Jeff read the directions and we played a few variations (I won “stackzies”).

David insisted we pull out Disney trivia so he could “stomp us all.” Yah, right, I DON’T THINK SO 😉






One Year Ago 08/22/2014: and

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