Camping Off-Grid 09/24-09/27/15

[pics incl]  Jeff and I took what has turned into our “annual camping trip” the past few days (our anniversary is Tuesday).  We have basically been “off grid” although we did have some texting ability.  Last year’s trip: I think I have wedding pics back there, somewhere:

Courtney, Ashley and William went to spend a few days with Velma and David and they had the pleasure of hauling them around 😉  THANK YOU!  It was a very nice feeling to know we didn’t have to worry about a thing.

A sheriff’s deputy appeared, a few hours after we arrived, to say that they just ordered a “burn ban” for this area and he knew we did not know because he just hung up the signs out front. We had made a point to check on our way into the campground. Soooo, no campfires this time (totally understandable though and we’ll just switch to ‘plan B’, propane stoves).

You can click on the photos in the slideshow to bring up a larger (more complete) view.

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