Happy Birthday to… ME!

[pics incl]  First there was food, then presents and cake, AND THEN… we had a “Ha-Ha!” [http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2014/12/09/a-ha-ha-with-cats/]  My head was bothering too much to go out so we “brought in” food from Maggiano’s (a nice Italian restaurant not too far away).  I opened some gifts, had a bow on my head… I cannot remember WHAT I said that made everyone reach over and touch my face but it made us all laugh, so I had them “stage the scene” again for photos 😉  You’re welcome 😉  And all three of them sang to me in Chinese… I can only assume it was “Happy Birthday” because “I” do NOT speak Chinese.

Courtney decided that she was going to watch TV in my bed, so we all conspired to go up in shifts and create “A Ha-Ha.”  If you’ve never had “a ha-ha” you should try it 😉  Unfortunately, there are no photos of this but it was quite amusing as all of us piled on top of Courtney!  Thank you for all the birthday emails, phone calls, txs & FB posts, it truly was amazing just how many people reached out!  Definitely made me think of how life could be totally different right now.  Thanks for all the love and support!

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