Pretty Sure I Was Home Alone

I was unloading the dishwasher but had walked into the living room, when I heard something back in the kitchen. I walked all around, went out on the deck, thought maybe the window fan in the dining room was loose & rattling, so I turned it off. I decided to go ahead and check the basement and the upstairs, where I found both cats [in my bed… with THAT look… “what? you asked earlier if we were cold???”] … I promptly forgot what I was doing and decided to go fix some hot tea [Yes, the cats are correct, it’s chilly in here]!

I remembered I was unloading the dishwasher, so I started steeping tea and unloading dishwasher, when I heard something in the living room. I’m thinking I have a loose rodent and I am just hoping it’s more alive than dead [I have good reasoning here… 1) we have cats! 2) finding a dead rodent is a LOT harder to do until it’s been dead a while and gives you a reason to smell it! and even then, you might not find it!] but I digress…

I never found a rodent. I decided that maybe this fan is loose & rattling, so I turned it off. It’s been very windy past 12 hours really rattling them & much chillier, so they don’t need to be on. [NOTE: we do not have A/C, we have evaporator cooler, so MUST have open windows. However, Jeff winterized it last weekend (go ahead and ask how that went)! So we do not NEED them open w/ fans anymore but it’s been exceptionally warm & dry… so they are on.] It’s getting pretty chilly now so… maybe I should go around and take all the fans out of all the windows… NAH!

I’m thirsty.

I was actually just standing in the kitchen near the pantry (yes, I checked the pantry for a rodent)… when…


right next to me?!?!

I spun around, went to the window, … re-checked the pantry, checked outside, went out on the back deck, kinda walked around the main floor… I am now very suspicious of… ASHLEY?!?

Follow my logic here… I know she’s not here, or I’m 99.9% sure, because I took them to work and left them there. Courtney & Ashley don’t drive, so the odds of them being here are PRETTY LOW. It’s the middle of a work day. So I’m thinking this is the best Halloween prank ever…. not sure “how” yet but that’s what I’m leaning toward. SOOO, I went down and thoroughly checked “Heather’s room” … I know it sounds crazy but I’m sure a few of you might remember the time I was NOT home alone and Heather was reciting next to her air vent…! [ ]

NOPE, Nothing…

Ah, but then there is Will. Except, he’s not here either, or I’m 99.9% sure, because he and Jeff went golfing and txt’d me pictures…. Hence the “Pretty Sure I Was Home Alone” title. Back to the dining room vents 😉 NOPE… Nothing…

But by now, I have totally forgotten what I am doing… 😉

I’m still thirsty so I went to make tea, and found my steeped tea 😉 I have my mug of tea and I’m standing in the middle of the kitchen when….


I walked over to the window at the exact time “big brother” screams FOUND YOU! to “little brother” in the garden area near my window & deck (blocked view from the deck by a fence and blocked view from window because it’s “a lower flower bed” and it really is a good hiding place behind the rose bush… if you aren’t sneezing) [my neighbors grandkids]…

Life makes SOOOO much more sense now!

Go review some of the posts about spiders an tribbles and you will see why I selected those two and not Courtney… [Although, Courtney is not above paying someone]:

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