Update on me 12/15/15

Sorry not so chatty lately. I’ve seen the new hematologist yesterday and the new neurologist today. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that both previous docs left. My head has been hurting “more consistently” and other effects seem more pronounced (like not bending down, not gripping well w/ left arm, NOT SLEEPING, memory sucks, left arm is a brick of ice, etc). All these I’ve had all along, just trying to see if “we” can come up with better pain management or something so I can function. The not sleeping is making everything worse.

So… adding a different kind of seizure/sleep meds (Gabapentin).

Not sure I need another MRI-V but they might order one anyhow.

I’ll keep ya posted. Sorry I haven’t been chatty/blogging. I do have notes & pics so I’ll get around to it. no idea if this has typos, please bear with me

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