The Hot Chocolate Caper

I fixed hot cocoa, but I needed talk to Courtney, so I took it with me.  When I found her she was brushing her teeth, so I walked past her to wait but then “AN IDEA” (ok, an evil idea)… I went back and with a straight face said “I fixed you hot chocolate.”  With her mouth full of toothpaste, “welwee?!” (for those of you that don’t speak “toothpaste” that means “REALLY!?!”)  I showed her the mug… she was ever so briefly stunned with a course of about 1000 different expressions across her face, which made me laugh.  I said, “of course not, and I’m only offering to you because you are brushing your teeth! but I am disappointed in how brief the incredulous look on your face lasted.”

Karma promptly struck and I have scalded all the skin off my tongue, mouth and throat!

But it was SOOOOO worth it!

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