Neuro Appointment 03/02/16

Same meds just adjusting dosages.  Changing one to the extended release to see if that helps me be not so crazy forgetful– 🙂 that was an interesting learning experience while jeff was out of town… I don’t remember it of corse ;-).  been a bit dizzier too so maybe the extender release will help with both

The goal being to maybe GET OFF of some of the meds?  I’m still not really sleeping but at least I’m not always in pain all day every day.  Switching back to the increased dosage for sleep.

Low pressure weather systems seem to be my personal nemesis… I’m a a pretty good barometer (missing Gpa Bacon mercury comments, right about now….)  While we are all still just GUESSING I felt a bit more…. hmmm, what’s the word… “encouraged” maybe, that we might be onto something.  Jeff had some good data points with how the dosages were affecting me mentally so hepfully between the 9000 of us 😉 we can get this figured out.  She seems to be will to play the trial and error game right along with us.  taking notes…..



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