Heather’s Dinner with Friends and Family

[pics incl]  After a snafu trying to figure out WHERE to go, a bunch of people got together at the last minute to hug on Heather.  I know she appreciated it!  I don’t think I have copies of all the photos taken with Heather but I’m sure she does and that’s what counts!

At one point Courtney and Ashley literally disappeared and we decided they died, but turned out they had just made a “non-imaginary” friend.  After I thoroughly grilled this waitress about questions from the menu (jk) 😉 I decided they were right and you know us and waiters right?!? (see the blog posts about Jaime).  We ALL officially adopted Jayda into our family and she was a sport about it and even took group family photos.  (by the time you read this she will be at her new job at Schomp Honda, stop by and say hi and tell her that crazy Scott family sent you)

Someone put Kevin in charge of our pics and he was crawling around on the floor on his knees so of course the photos all have us looking at the floor laughing at him!?  Good fun, too short a visit but thanks for everyone’s effort.

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