Help Figure How Storms Affect My Head

hurt me type now but dont wan forget.  why do some storms like tonight hertz my head.  best place documents here so u can.  I have better scatter document of everything & might miss here, ask me

06/13/16 raining since am took Tylenol, shwr & lie down abt 2pm

06:00pm head hurts so bad, but ate dinner

06:45pm in tears Tylenol & shwr

07:56m still crying decide to go bed early, take all “regular” sleep meds + 1/2 lorazepam

10:09pm still crying took 1/2 oxy & hot shwr

10:45pm still crying back in shwr.   … while in shwr decided that ev1 in house is complain that there head hurt & they take sudafed sooo think WTHeck & Jeff bring me some sudafed in shwr (new first for us both ;-p )

I drank plenty water all day (documented).  it storm on/off all day but I want to look up severes over  me like hurricane?!?! is that possible? & when etc

06/14 2:17am arm is ash wite frez & hed pane wake me up!   I can’t rember how I was sleep to maybe cause?

2:25am neck is super swollen & fingers white & tingl & Tylenol & hot msg shwr

took 2:50am to get feel in fingers, try sitting propped in bed & type all these notes in blog too help me organize how to track this crazy react to storms.  all affect me some (like “oh my achking joints”) & those are def NOT bend down days!  but today is like hurricane on top my head!!!

I know this prob all messy typo but it’s mostly for me.  hope I can read my own writ later.  I have stuff wryt in other note apps but crazy to try find so may keep track here is best?

ya’ll feel free ask ques cuz I have stuff document & might have answer & if I don’t maybe I can member to start documents 

I will go back up thru these notes & add times & info etc & just look at my other apps … unless I get comfy & sleep. I’ll do it later.  but I will document what a “have a bad night” is but type makes worse or rather hed hurt doesn’t helpful on word choicing… grrr  I’ll just tell it like it is on my mind and keep going

3:10am jeff convince me txt Shirley that I need take “real” drugs & can’t work

3:33am took me long to txt… ugh.

3:43am head still hurts bad took lorazepam & oxy full doses. hope get comfy to sleep

4:45am hed still hurts bad if I lie flat (oxy makes vision fun typing)  I hate take it, looked it up.  last was 05/22/16; 05/03/16; 04/20/16 (case u wondered like me)

05:12am meds kinda kick in, head doesn’t hurt as bad but still propped cuz last time I tried lie down was extreme pain 🙁 but maybe now can rest & sleep

9:46am my Fitbit says I ways restless to 5:33am and I got up out of  bed @ 9:29am  head still really hurts just not as bad.  meds stoned me so I’ll def need go lie back down… guess propped up… (ugh but that eventually hurts my back)

previous doctor appointments:

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