This was NOT a Brain Affect

We had a huge group at lunch today, 45ish, so you can imagine afterwards the discussions of where to go/what to do.  I was not getting on a bus for an afternoon of wine tasting, and I wasn’t really up for swimming with the kids, Jeff had already left to drive a few people off to their destinations.  I realized I was suddenly walking back to the Inn unsupervised 😉  That’s ok, I had walked out this morning before anyone was awake, to this area, so I figured I could find my way back (use the map on my phone like I had earlier 🙂 )  When Aunt NormaJo mentioned a store … let me backup… someone had recommended a store to me this week, but since I don’t shop, I’d never heard of it, it’s on my list to make the girls help me figure it out AFTER the trip (who goes shopping on vacation?!  NOT ME!!).  So, I walked over and said “I’m about to say something and there are no witnesses from my family to hear me do so, but can I go shopping with you?” ;-P  “Of course”

Just the two of us, on our slow, careful walk over to this shop, I explained HOW FUNNY this is and that I had to “group txt” them but they might be concerned I’m exhibiting brain clot triggers.  “I just asked to go shopping” Jeff promptly asked “are you feeling ok?!”  I also pointed out a cute shoe store that had been closed this morning and she said it was expensive.  “Ha! I only buy shoes every 10 years, and I only have 2 pair of shoes”  We decided to stop on our way back since its on the way.

While chatting in the store, Jeff’s sister Sheri appeared and starts regaling how they had been following a ways behind us and she knew WITH CERTAINTY that we weren’t coming to this store “because Theresa is with her and she doesn’t shop!!?!?”  I decided that I’m gonna get the girls and come back to this sale 😉

We left and back toward the inn, but when NormaJo and I veered a little off course, Wendy asked where we were headed.  “Theresa wants to look into this shoe store.”  Sheri “Nuh-uh! I’ve been trying to get her to go shoe shopping for years, she won’t go! she only has two pairs of shoes!”

clearly the earth has tilted off its axis 😉  I bought new shoes

P.s.  Courtney and I walked to Sprouts for juice boxes & chocolate milk (I don’t know whose it was but I needed to drink that chocolate milk….! so we went to replace it…) stupid phone map said 15 min walk…. it mighta been if we had gone left 😉  New shoes work. [While we were waiting in line, we had to buy the guy behind us, drink.  he only had the one… he had jogged in, he had to drink it 😉 Courtney had him return our cart as payment.  jog on healthy guy!]

PPs.  The bus didn’t come get the wine tasting group so this redneck saying now exists “How many Lorangs can you fit in Jody’s pickup truck?”  The answer is 18… 10 in the truck bed 😉 I hear there are pics

Wile I can vouch for the fact the NormaJo, me, Wendy, Sheri and Courtney weren’t anywhere near that clearly illegal activity, she did suggest (insist) we jay-walk, while carrying juice boxes & chocolate milk 😉 and it’s highly probable we both had honey stix straws in our mouths…  I’m not saying it actually happened, I’m just saying IF it did…

[ugh, is that affect or effect?!? I USED to KNOW this stuff and know I can barely spell them, much less remember what they meant…. grrrr]

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