Do NOT Skip Me

[pics incl]  Velma joined my parents and us up in Granby.  Let me just say that I now officially hate the card game, Phase 10.  One hand took 2 days!! and don’t get me started on “skips!”  I finally just threatened to cry if they skipped me (or if they argued about HOW to skip people)!  Ashley prevailed.

Years ago, while playing Uno, Courtney skipped me so many times in a row that I threatened to ground her.  Then, I “had” to … ground her for life.  As the record stands, Courtney has been grounded for “her after-life.”

My Uncle Skip and I have a tradition where we take a picture of each other “taking a picture of each other.”  Velma insisted that we had to be able to see each other’s faces though. ;-P

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