Neuro Appt 09/19/16

I had a neurology appointment today to follow up after the visual field test and the change in meds from 08/17/16.  I wasn’t sure the answered to some of the optic nerve and “blind spot” questions but I’ll have eye doc follow up.

She was kinda all over the place LITERALLY and my head is bothering me so I was having trouble keeping up w/ her going in/out of the room so much.

I jotted down that she was asking when was the last time I had to take real drugs for head pain and I started telling her about everything I “do first” and made a comment that at this point I’ve just kinda accepted the fact that my head is gonna hurt all the time, I’m just trying to figure out how to deal best with that.

I think she FINALLY came on board to that thinking because the word STRATEGY actually came out of her mouth instead of “anxiety”

she even kinda let me roll back to some of my other thinking of dealing with it during the day one way and at night another… at least I think she agreed with me cuz she refilled an old prescription for one of the migraine meds that I think maybe worked ok in the past.

here’s to hoping “daytime” drugs work…

More neuro:

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