Visual Field Test 09/28/16

[pics incl]  After I didn’t do so well last time

grrr, this doc dilated my eyes so I can’t really see to type

This eye exam doc said it could be a few things 1) I don’t know how to use the trigger … ok that sounds harsh but I’d said something similar in that it’s possible there’s a disconnect between my brain and hand… I’m not recognizing fast enough?

or 2) even though all the optic nerve tests appear clear, there could be some some nerve “something” going on but behind my eye, where they cannot see but maybe an MRI/MRV could?

I’m leaning toward #1… my right hand doesn’t know what my left brain is doing. HA!

but… then again, when my head hurts, my left eye acts squirrelly!?

that was the right eye and like last time, seems all clear.  guess my right hand knew how to work the button… first.

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