Birthday Breakfast

[pics incl]  Isn’t it the sweetest thing when your kiddos bring you birthday breakfast in bed? [so what if technically they are adults!]

We decided it was in our best interest NOT to light the candle ;-P

Check out my sprinkles in my smoothie!  However, let it be known that no amount of sprinkles will mask the flavor of “one missed piece of mango” they tried to pick them all out of the fancy variety bag.  Isn’t it stupid that I don’t like mango?  I LOVE the way it smells but I cannot get it off of my tongue fast enough 🙁 Altough I did drink about half of it before encountering a second mango and it was YUMMY awesome!

I do not want to know what was in the French toast cuz it was deliscios & finding out it had questionable ingredients will just ruin that experience.

I’m also thrilled that the discussion to NOT add peanut butter to my birthday breakfast won.   That a whole other story! HA!  

NOTE TO SELF:  Someday, I would love to go back through my blog and add all the “the rest of the stories” to the posts I make when I say that 😛

Thank you Courtney and Ashley for making a special effort!  I never ever wanna hear that you can’t cook 😉 this was fabulous!

 Trust me, I have had far worse meals from ya’ll… 🙂

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