Sadie’s Footprint Photos 10/14/16

[pics incl]  When we visited on 10/14/16, we helped make keepsake footprints of Sadie for her grandma’s & great-grandma’s.  I couldn’t very well post those, considering Christy & Aunt Mousie get the blog emails! 🙂  These are the “classified photos and story to be told at a later date.”  Shelbi has given them their gifts!

We decided to wait until Sadie was snoozing and a bit more cooperative!  When we switched from pink to blue paint, Shelbi couldn’t get the lid off, so she used her teeth….

While the paint was drying, Shelbi decided to make a tie-dye cake.

While Shelbi was adding lettering to the canvas, she set her drink next to the water to rinse the paintbrushes… and drank from that water!


Shelbi: Don’t eat/drink paint; Andrew: Talk to William about going to eat at Twin Peaks ;-P [it’s like Hooters] ; Courtney: Never wake the sleeping baby even if you just want to hold her; Theresa: start bringing a change of clothes when hanging out w/ Sadie!

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