Fixing the Front Stairs

[pics incl]  If you’ve ever been through our front door, then you have had the pleasure of practically falling off the front stairs.  No more!  Those are gone and replaced with a porch and steps along the walkway.  We have always had caissons in front of the house, when the stairs were removed they kept the caissons and added more (farther out and deeper) with the intent to cover the porch.

I took “before” photos prior to the crew arriving and then realized a little too late that I would NOT be able to stay while they were basically jackhammering and shaking the whole house.

I went to a nearby park and hung out with this snake…

Jeff, Heather & Courtney brought lunch up there.  Since Courtney was “working from home,” she went back and got her laptop so that she could hang out at the park with me.  Basically, “the loud” had ended anything else I had planned.  Heather, we to get Will & Drew.

We all met back at the house to play with the bobcat in the yard ;-P Ha! ok not really… they parked “that toy” by the camper.


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