Another Neuro Appointment 11/07/16

When I say “another” neuro appt, I mean w/ ANOTHER neuro doctor.

My other nuero doc [ ] has given us some reservations since day one and it’s taken us months to get this appointment (so YES, we decided several months ago to seek another opinion)  Mainly mine doesn’t return the phone calls of my other doctors, yet, demands they do so?  she’s starting to irritate others.

New doc had some suggestions:

1) have neuropsychological testing to have extensive memory testing and evaluation of issues after brain injury [we didn’t even know “this was a thing?!”]

2) referral to vascular neuralogist to see if special testi is needed to determine what is going on with left arm and neck  [we didn’t even know “this was a thing?!” either AND NOTE… neither have several of the docs I’ve talked to since and they are ALL very interested in hearing more about this]

Seems that the current nurro office couldn’t be bothered to send the records like I requested.

As you can imagine Jeff and I were a bit surprised because as far as I no, neither of us even knew these other type docs existed & why the heck weren’t these tests done IN THE BEGINNING?!?

She spent 30-45 min just “getting to know me.”  I had photos on my phone but that’s not the same as medical records.  And I’m super slow at filling out forms, so at least I had everything filled out on my phone.

She thought keeping meds the same at this point would be best until she could talk to my hematologist.  

She also said she doesn’t believe in prescribing narcotics (i.e. oxy).  I’m ok with this IF there is a pain management strategy.  She liked hearing this from me and said she leaves pain management to pain specialists. (hence neuro vascular)


WHY did they stop physical therapy? 

3) let’s do physical therapy and discuss “dry needling” and massage.  She knows a group that will do this while I am taking Xarelto.

…. so was this a second opinion or did I just switch nruro?

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