I Spackled a Thing

[pics incl] See if you can follow this train 😉  The house is full of smoke again… it’s from the oven and NO, it’s not on fire, AGAIN, nor am I cooking AGAIN… well, not exactly.  I’m “self-cleaning” the oven with the cast iron in it ;-P

Which brings me to why the house if all smokey.  Our old oven never acted this bad but this one is finicky i guess and it just blows smoke for any reason.  It’s a nice day, so all the windows are open and I’m upstairs in the kids bathroom with the door shut till the worst of the smoke is over, doesn’t take long… and I see they have a robe hook off the wall… the old me could do this…

Took me 10x longer than it should’ve but I managed to find the the spackle after I stood there forever trying to remember WHAT THAT WORD WAS!!! grrrr  that’s soooo stupid, i can say it today but not remember it tomorrow! but i digress

i found the spackle 🙂 and a putty knife 🙂 but i couldn’t get it open. grrr.  after about killing myself in the attempt 😉

I spackled these wholes here 🙂 and i’m pretty happy about it!

It’s a far cry from removing those stupid pantry doors and re-installing drywall so that even contractors cannot notice… but I’ll take it!

I spackled a thang!

and then I stood outside & watched the sunset… pix don’t do it justice

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