Merry Christmas & Some Humor

[pics incl] A few of our “Christmas photos”… that aren’t.

Sometimes pictures say 1000 words, and if they don’t, I’ll make you sit here and retake it until it does, so just give in and do it my way the first time ;-). OR, plot against me,… sometimes… NOT OFTEN… it’ll work in your favor… there once was a zerbert…

We flew Heather in… Drew is “Under the Sea” & can’t wait to see him again!

Heather got Courtney and me w/ a practical joke box: [and in case you only think this is ‘a little funny’ it’s cuz you aren’t a relative… my maiden name is Bacon]

And in ALL SERIOUSNESS, Courtney was ecstatic over the shiny box

Neil sent me a sign that I intend to frame:

AND… I NOW have a “whole house electronic” that refuses to let me rename her to V.I.K.I.  We name our electronics [ ] and I’m sorry but if i’m gonna have one controlling my house… I’m gonna call her VIKI, and having her argue w/ me over this JUST PROVES MY POINT! ;-P

Claudia is here this week too, she thinks we are all crazy but I’ve confirmed we are rubbing off on her… she answers to her initials… MWHAHA!!

There’s all that… and the kitchen sink (Jeff got):

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