PT 12/29/16

No crying @ physical therapy today but I suck at trying to hold “thangs” against the wall at/above shoulder hite.  Since I couldn’t see all day yesterday (and I still swear that stuff is in my eyes! ] I just kinda hung out around the bed and atteted to pull my left arm over my shoulder, figuring i’m already lying down, so i can’t fall 😉 and i don’t need to see to be dizzy and bad at that!

The “athlete” in me is appald (sp? siri doesn’t know what i want to say either) at my pathetic “wall crucnch” thangs that needed help from another person to hold that thing up… I can’t remember the name, it like a big fat pool noodle, against the wall. . I told her to “go tell my people” but my people ran away looking for a Pikachu wearing a Christmas hat…

Like a good “bad arm” my arm did the weird ” let’s get cold & turn ash white thing it does.  So that might actually be helpful because she took some better notes about what I was doing that might have been a trigger.

In case you missed my earlier note… MRI on this Saturday, will keep you posted.

Once Claudia dragged Courtney back from Poke-hunting, PT therapist explained the “noodle things,” & Courtney hopped online to research.  Restoring her “my people” status because she’d been bumped & I was currently only loving Claudia 😉

…and “note to self”… and Courtney, the word we wanted was BowFlex 

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