Walking at the Park w/ Josh and Tania 01/10/17

[pics incl]  Relaxing after PT [ http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2017/01/10/pt-011017/] came to a screeching halt as Josh was waiting for me to go for a walk at the park, with Auntie Tania. 😀  I managed to grab a heat pack and we were off…

Somewhere along the line, Auntie Tania said that “this is the 2nd great idea Josh had today.” (the first being where to go get breakfast)  In the middle of my.. ahem… compliment “we should document this moment…” He leaned around me, with a straight face and “well my mom keeps insisting that I spend time w/ you…”  “That settles it, we have to take a photo, FOR YOUR MOM!” 😛

Yes, Auntie Tania, he always wears his hood up in all my photos too, but in his defense, we are currently under a high wind warning & he has no hair!  Or as he says, it’s growing back as baby peach fuzz.  [you can’t see me but I have on a warm fuzzy hat!]

Speaking of baby peach fuzz… just got a Sadie pic

Tania and Josh explained that he qualifies to be in a new trial.  If I understood, they had to test his type of cancer cells to see if it had this particular gene, it does, so he can be part of the trial AND, the trial happens to be at Children’s here in CO and not another state, so he won’t have to travel.  Part of all the MRI tests he had done yesterday was also bone density scanning and he should get those results too.  Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers and loving support for our dear friends!
more about Josh: http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/tag/hetherington/

Josh’s website : http://team-josh.com/

Josh’s bucket list fund: https://www.gofundme.com/team-josh

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