PT 01/19/17

PT this morning was pretty good.  We worked on getting my neck to manuever more to the left and/or up because I haven’t had complete capablity to do that, it either hurts or causes “pinching” that hurts… or kinda makes me dizzy which i assume makes me faint so I don’t due that.  I was able to work thru the pain part and move that around a bit, that doesn’t bother me to have pain, if i know it’s not causing bad things to happen.  But the
“pinching part”… yeah, that is a fainting thing… can’t do that one, and I can’t completely look up to the left either…. so “we” aren’t doing those.  Imagine a complote head roll…. and THAT… I cannot do.  But I learned what I can do, and that IS helpful.

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