Heather and Drew

Many of you have asked about the FB posts you’ve been seeing from Heather and Drew. 

This is Drews FB post from 01/20/17:  “For those of you who care heather and i are both going through a very difficult time as we choose to part ways please be respectful and supportive of us in this process its no easy and many of you are friends with both of us so please be supportive of each of us in this trying time”

At this time, I can only say that they need some time to figure out how to separate their lives in a peaceful manner.  I don’t know anything more and to be honest, it’s none of my business.  I don’t need to know what happened and I will continue to love Drew and treat him with respect.  I hope all of you do the same.

I believe the plan will be for Heather to move back here with us, but that will not happen immediately.  So, yes, sometime in the near future, you will probably start seeing sudden blog posts that include Heather.

[NOTE:  to be honest, I hadn’t seen the FB posts, I wasn’t getting on FB, and the only reason I did is because Josh asked me, NOT because of all this going on]

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