C. Bananas w/ Chopsticks

Yah, go ahead, TRY & judge me.  🙂 HA!  I had more Neuro-pysch test [http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2017/01/18/neuropsych-testing-011817/] today, so let me start at the beginning, a very good place to start (“Mary Poppins”).

[bare w/ me, took me long time type it all up & sppellcheck just irritated me.  hope it comes across… sigh, I miss my brai/thesaurus]

We were a bit late so I grabbed William breakfast this morning, originally it was yogurt and a Bolthouse drink (chocolate protein drink) but he swapped yogurt for a banana… I still had the spoon in the paper towel.  I laughed but then got a straight face & told Aden “we eat our bananas w/ a spoon.”  He already knew we were crazy…

This afternoon at neuro-psych test… we were doing some questions designed to test cognition (from stroke).

One of the questions was: do you eat a banana with A: hands B: Spoon c: Chopsticks D: Knife (and, NO, I don’t remember if that’s the exact order, just go w/ me here 😉 ) ….. OH MY GOSH ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!  (what are the odds?!?!) I couldn’t stop laughing.  I told her that this morning I gave Will a spoon for his banana but that I’m pretty sure all three of them would answer “C. Chopsticks”  just because chopsticks is a choice! [NOTE: and for the record, I’m gonna blame their “other father” Kevin http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2016/06/26/ashleys-common-law-father/]

She actually has said on more than one occasion that my “cultural heritage” (or some crazy word like that) may require her to drag my entire family in for testing… or straight jackets.

[NOTE: The following morning, Aden was discussing “army type” boots but they are expensive when NEW so I mentioned that the Army Surplus is near where I’ve been taking these crazy neuro-psych tests and also not far from the school [NOTE: Have we previously  mentioned that their school is NOT near where we live?]  “If YOU remind me, we can plan to go over there after robotics.  But YOU… HAVE… TO… REMIND… ME.”   He was glad to hear that and then said “You might think this is weird but… I’d like to find boots at the Army Surplus.”

OK, stop a moment here. Please imagine ANY SITCOM….  EVER, doesn’t matter which…. old, new, cartoon, foreign, doesn’t matter.  We are stopped at a red light, William and I looked at each other, looked into the backseat at Aden, looked back at each other again, and I said in… a… non-laughing voice as possible “Aden,……… last night… when I picked ya’ll up from robotics, I had a blog ready… for Will to read… about eating bananas with spoons… or chopsticks….”

Wait for it…. Wait for it… still waiting… There it is…

“You’re right, I’d like to retract my previous statement.”

in his defense, Aden is a truly BRILLIANT young man (I’ve actually known this one since he was little 😉 )!  Aden’s alarm did NOT go off this morning and his shoes weren’t even on his feet yet, hence the boot conversation 😉 BUT, solely based on his comment above, if he thinks he is the weird one in HIS family and he goes back home and tells THIS banana story (actually mom gets the blog 😉 ) we may no longer be carpooling.  WE WILL CORRUPT THAT BOY YET!]

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