Neuro Vascular 02/14/17

Today was the follow up from the MRI done in 12/31/16.  Basically, no change from the last MRI (I’m working on getting electronic images).  We dicscussed medications and he liked that the left arm getting cold thing is for the most part better, so he wants to try and extended release of that  medication so I don’t have to try to take it several times a day (it’s kinda a pain to remember)

The other medication I’m talking , Acetazolamide, seems to help wehnt I’m upright and I feel like I can get more done but man if I bend down… NOT a good thj and then I’m donr, … well, he’s not so sure that’s the best choice but he does’t want to change it right now.  The goal overall, still being to get me OFF many of these meds (in the end).  But right now, only changing the extended release.

stay on Xarelto and “he will call my hematologist” OMYGOSH I think my hematologist may faint

the “new eye Doc” that only has the fancy machine for my field of vision study, but their office doesn’t know how to send a fax… STILL has not shared records w/ any of my docs…. sigh.

And… why again am I taking some of these again??? Pain, sleep…. blah, blah…. too many  cooks in kitchen… NOT seeing “her” anymore…

he said… did you ever try just plain BENADRYL to sleep? “we” will deal w/ the pain… but dude… sleep…. take benadryl… take as much as you want. you really can’t OD. but hey, please start w/ just one 😉

me: “will you marry me?” (ok, not really, see a different post today and you’ll get the joke because I am finishing this draft AFTER I posted the Valentine’s humor one HAHAHA!)

We aren’t changing any other meds… yet.  Had some discussions on some of the other migraine plans in place… because that is what I am, a walking migraine.  Hopefully, I will remember to write that down here, but Jeff took notes.  Imitrix, or Fioricet, or the Benedryl/aspirin/phengran cocktail

definitely keep doing PT!
So back to me bein’ a migran.  IF I knew how what when… I’da already had this figured out…..

Several weeks ago Someone suggested I download a migraine app on my phone.  IT tracks weather and kinda-sorta predicts when MIGHT need To be taking that Imitrix.  I’ve just hit the part where it starts making true suggestions (ie: MSG, Wine, water, chocolate, there are like 15-20) you spend 4-6 weeks on ONE thing 

Doc seemed to think this app might be a good idea (it’s abt $10/mo)

Imitrix…. & the sound sensitivity… that’s “a thing” and in reality it’s actually always been a thing. not a bad thing. I have “strange hearing” I can hear in a range others cannot.

 So I asked him if this was something that I could have always has but now… it’s been magnified? and YES.  Imitrix is one of those “kinda have to know to take it BEFORE you have a migraine ” so if the app can give me a heads up OR I’m suddenly hyper-sensitive to sound in a “You’re pissing me off” sort of way 😉 I should take the Imitrix 

he also agreed that I’m too old to be that sick 😉 no actually, the concerns are more about dizziness & other “fun things” that go w/ nausea… I’m just gonna play the old age card because no one can SEE my brain clot card 😉 ooooh WAIT  I’m gonna have Ashley design me a tattoo (don’t get me wrong, this tattoo will never come anywhere near MY body… I just want it for my “brain clot card”….mentioned above) 🙂

I’ve also been BEGGING to get off amitriptyline… that’s the one I can’t be in the sun.  it’s not like I tan, I mean, I get sunburned just talkin’ about gettin’ sunburnt but it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve seen sunlight w/ out fainting.  I don’t remember which neighbors caught me before I fell in the campfire….

Doc said amitriptyline can be next on the list.

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