So I Got a B

Ashley & I were by the car in the parking lot after PT when she abruptly stated “I give this a B.”  I had no idea what “we” were talking about and at first I was thinking “BEE” and about argued “it’s way too cold for bees!”

She proceeded to EXPLAIN to me why MY PARKING only rated me a “B.”   As I am “What are you talking about?” “Well, you aren’t centered in your space, see, here.  Don’t worry, Courtney regularly gets a D+”  I was explaining to her the nuances of parking with a light pole IN YOUR SPACE… At the exact same moment I hear behind me, something along the lines of “that’s awesome!”

Now THIS GUY wants to be graded too 😉  Turns out, he’s a doctor w/ the hospital and was amused at her antics

I politely joked “Yeah, well, I’m not taking any crap … from … my… now… T-W-E-N-T-Y year old, that doesn’t have her license! Ha!”

Roaring Laughter 🙂

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