My Neck has NOT Been Swelling

I had a realization today that my arm/shoulder surgery area hurts worse than my head. This made me stop and “what’s different?” My head hurts but it’s more like “just a headache”… how is that possible? And my arm/neck/shoulder feels like I had surgery…. but i’m not crippled w/ pain…?!? This prompted me to go get and put on my ring and i was able to take on/off. My arm & hand have been too swollen to wear it. I was standing near a mirror and realized my neck doesn’t appear swollen.

I have done several repetitions of my PT arm stretches today …AND… my neck isn’t all swollen?!?! How is that possible?!?

I’m standing here experiencing a “Twilight Zone” moment and trying to decide HOW i can txt all this to the others. I’m not sure how to word all this so that they don’t think it’s a BAD thing “that my arm hurts worse than my head” Now, i’m talking to myself… “I don’t think a txt is a good idea, just wait until they all get home” “Ugh… I don’t wanna wait… why can’t there just be people here when i need to go into a long in depth story?!”

…and Heather knocked on my bedroom door, and scared me half to death!!!

Her boss sent the whole group home cuz a few had a stomach bug and he was attempting a preemptive strike.

She was extremely confused by my sudden blurting out “(everything I just typed–see above)” She started laughing and said SHE would txt the others.

She txt’d them and they were confused and were all trying to come to my rescue 😉

So i really hope YOU understand “that my arm hurts worse than my head” IS A GOOD THING! 🙂

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