New Phone, Same Number

I have a new phone and it’s still the same number.

No, I haven’t fallen of face of the Earth but I’ve pretty much given up on the blog. I figure no one’s reading it anyway and I lost any ability to verify email addresses a very long time ago.

BUT… just in case you are reading this… anything you sent me prior to May 24, 2018… was most likely NOT received by me. I’m not sure exactly when my other phone jumped off the deep end but it started acting crazy & not letting me play messages or read txt. I’m pretty sure it was deleting emails too. I’m thinking it was maybe sometime in March but may have been February when it randomly started… it was intermittent at first and I wasn’t convinced it was the phone vs “me causing errors” but after a while, I couldn’t open phone messages or even see what number had called…. grrr. Spent a good deal of time arguing w/ the old phone 😉 HA… I lost that battle!

After a few weeks of denial 😉 and multiple attempts of resetting & restore backup & even factory reset didn’t solve my problems…. I relented & attempted to setup new phone..

Had a few “user error” moments during that first week & had to start over…

basically what I’m saying is… I wasn’t ignore you MY PHONE WAS 🙂 I do still forgot stuff easily but I’m working hard on trying to make sure I return emails, calls, & txts

Please try again if “I’ve ignored you” recently


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