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I’m attempting something different… if you can see this… txt me. Please identify yourself! As stated in my last post months ago, I’m on a mission to RECONNECT w/ people.

I’m working my way slowly down my contact list in no particular order. I think of it like a Christmas card list, I just pick someone, hunt them down, & send a very short txt. and YES, I’m cheating… I’m setting up a reminder w/ a random generated, odd numbered date… to txt that person again.

So far so good. I’m slow, I read slowly, txt slowly, & have extreme typos, etc, so I just keep it short & sweet ( or NOT… odds are if you read my blog, you already saw that coming 😋). I respond as I can but I also put my phone on DND (Do Not Disturb) at night or if I lie down. i *think* I’ve been pretty good about eventually answering ALL txt I’ve received. I have a reminder set to tell me to scroll back down my list to make sure I’ve responded 😋

If i know you have a birthday or “event”… you get today’s spot on my list. If i happen to see you in person… I try to remember to add you to my list!

However, as far as I’m concerned, it’s just random order… no rules. Feel free to add yourself to my list… by YOU txt me first.

OK, I hear ya, some of you don’t txt.

First, I’m gonna say… IF your phone has the ability, you should TRY… feel free to use ME as your test txt’er …(whew, i said all that out loud while trying to txt & it’s a tongue twister as well as a “txt twister” is that a thing?!) (you show be hearing THANG when you read that 😋) You should hear my funny story(s) about attempting to txt from my watch…. I’m just glad the first contact on my list is my friend Amy & not something like… “Allstate Insurance”… (& no we don’t use them, just an example.) Amy has been very supportive of strange txt’s out of the blue that make no sense when taken out of context 😋 At least I’m pretty good at remember that I have contacts across many timezone & i don’t “wrong txt her” in middle of night!

txt’ing is a complete 180 for me. but w/ short term memory loss, it helps to be able to look back at the text in the txt conversation and have THAT be my memory. it also gives my brain the opportunity to PROCESS what you are saying, where I can read it multiple times before answering… vs. always saying “what? i don’t understand” & ifwe exchange pix… they too are right there for my memory. [i also take random pix during the day so i can look back & see what i did yesterday… or last week… last month… etc.] If I can figure out how to txt… then YOU can too!

Second, we can attempt email… if you just cannot txt, then email me, I’m super slow at that too and I don’t always get to that daily, but I will make a renewed effort! (it’s on my ToDo, to go thru my old emails to look for any I may have “marked as READ” but never actually replied.)

and lastly… if needed… I will call you. but, I TALK… I’m a talker… you know this already… so be prepared to spend time chatting & getting lost & forgetting what I was talking about! 😋 I’m actually making this third/last point to YOU, the family member of someone whom does not txt nor use email (cuz brain issues or not… I do realize that THEY probably aren’t seeing this… HA! For example… if you are my cousin and your mother (my aunt) does not txt/email… then obviously, she falls into the “TAZ needs to CALL” category on my list… but I probably don’t have her number. The last time I verified numbers was BEFORE CLOT (BC) (probably 2011, possibly 2012) and I’ve had several phone malfunctions since. What I’m saying is that I need for YOU to be my memory for a moment, stop and think about your family… is there someone you know I’m fixin’ to contact you about…? please save me some effort and txt me their info 😋 Like… your mother (my aunt), your son. (my nephew) that went off to college & yes, i would send a card. For the record, I’ve hunted down & actually corresponded w/ most of my niece /nephew 😋 Not all have responded to me so i may need to re-verify.

It’s slow & it’s different from this Blog thst I’ve always done… for like 21 years. But it’s PERSONAL not “I have no idea if they receive /’bother to read’ this blog.”

Yes, I still have funny stories & for the most part I still have my journaling/photos I write (I’ve always kept one & I just “publish” some to blog.)

It’s taken me HOURS, over course of few days, to get THIS blog typed & proofread to publish. It just takes me so much longer that I get frustrated & tired & often head hurts… that it makes me NOT enjoy it… & I don’t want to feel that way about my blog. So maybe… I’ll get back to doing ONE… every now & then.

… like the time I “completely by accidental coincidence” got to have a UNICORN 50th bday party 😋 (and see… I added a whole bunch of people to my TXTs list from that!)

So… the entire point of this post… YOU txt me. (see… I could’ve just had a three sentence post…. maybe…😋)

***(no I’m not gonna publish my # so be resourceful… email me or give your info to one of my family members to give to me.)

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