William High School Graduation 05/20/19

[pics incl] Here’s a few pictures from William’s graduation 05/20/2019. Our dear friend Kevin Leung was a representative for DCSD School Board. The Denver Broncos graciously donated the use of their training facility for many of the school activities, including kindergarten graduation & Senior Honors Night last week and Senior Graduation tonight.

[…and for you’re amusement… at the end are some Broncos pix from honors night & SNOW pictures that made the drive home after graduation interesting]

Kevin felt compelled to hug William … which was a better idea than planning to show baby pictures 😋 I was also attempting to give Courtney (in China) the photo play-by-play.

Heather, Damian, Ashley, Eryn, & Aden

Go ahead, you try to corral Kevin for photos!

The Broncos players stopped by during graduation rehearsal last week, to spend some time with the 2019 seniors and staff of STEM School Highlands Ranch #STEMSTRONG. These with William are Brandon Manus and Bradley Chubb

and finally… lots and lots of snow on May 20-21, 2019

That’s William & Aden in the jeep in front of us. Eryn braved this torture w/ Kevin (haha! I mean, Kevin graciously offered to take Eryn home since they live near each other).

It’s official… all of our kids are officially done w/ high school.

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