Courtney and I Learn a New Board Game

[pics incl] If you missed it in previous post, Courtney lives in China. This makes the two of us learning a new board game together… at the same time, particularly challenging. Leave it to Ashley to figure a solution.

it all started because I haven’t seen Marvel’s Endgame. In order to see Endgame I have to see… Captian Marvel? which comes out on DVD the 27th.

Supposedly I have seen through Black Panther? I dunno. the last one I truly remember is parts of Avengers. So… we were gonna watch all of them starting at Avengers but then I got lost and we decided to re-start our starting over at the beginning.

hence the txt conversation below

So we learned a game similar to Clue… kinda.

If you find yourself bored and have family or friends far away… there ARE ways to be creative! haha

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