We Need to Establish Whiteboard Rules

[pics incl] Way back around 06/17/21, Heather made an innocent whiteboard remark. A few of you have seen some of the progression in real time, as this innocent comment has spawned a two month long comic strip. We’ve had to purge “real whiteboard” news of course because our snippets are certainly more important than chores!

I propose that in the future each new contributor to the mayhem be assigned their own unique color! AND no more “hogging up” precious whitespace w/ GIANT letters.

[NOTE: the blog has been broken, hence no posts. I’m not sure it’s working but figured this is a good test. IF it works, I’ll come back and post some “in progress” pics. it might be too ambitious for me to try to type it up]

Helpful hints: it’s helpful if: you’ve seen Highlander, Friends (The Soup Nazi), Eddie Izzard, Monty Python. it’s helpful to know that in text based games or board games: you often clap your hands (or text that you are clapping 👏) and sk=shorthand for serial killer for those games

[UPDATE… OK… Here’s my attempt at “in progress “…]

As you can see, this started with a chore chart for making sure the dishwasher gets loaded & started every night. It SHOULD say “Courtney” but I dunno if it accidentally got smudged a bit or if someone (maybe Ashley?) actually wrote “Court.” After a couple weeks, we ALL left for camping and Heather was in charge of coming over to feed cats (Heather doesn’t live here)… made an innocent comment… obviously to intend that “court” is so sloppy that it looks like “COVEN” and she wrote: “coven of witches?” Keep in mind Ashley has had surgery on BOTH elbows and can barely hold a marker to write!

as of 06/21/21

H: coven of witches?

W: Dibs on coven leader

T: goes to elder

W: unless there’s a coup

T: then goes to next elder…YOU are last😁

W: Genocide

as of 06/30/21 [as I was txting a few of ya’ll the live version… I kept getting requests to explain “ghost pepper” so I backed up to take the photo. It’s the SALSA that we purchased w/ expiration dates😂]

T: can it be a coven of only 1?

A: team w/ SK (last one to clap dies)

T: [in Scottish Accent] There can be only one

as of 07/17/21

H: technically there IS only one witch does she automatically win?

W: Burn the Witch!

??C??: But how do you “know” she is a witch?

as of 07/24/21 [the kids didn’t get the “there can be only one” reference so I gave them a hint (Sean Connery). (SOMEBODY didn’t use the menu “block” and we had to sneak around the bottom then wrap around to the top of the board)

J; If she floats (get a duck)

H: She turned me into a newt

T: then do you burn them all (witch, duck, newt) or offer them “Cake or Death?”

C: We are out of cake

T: we get fancy bread delivered will that do?

J: so it’s Death or Death?

as of 07/27/21 (clearly chores & homework are are less important…. erased all that to make room for this…)

A: “CAKE, I said CAKE!”


J: NEXT!!!

A: I’ll have the vegetarian

T: witches can’t be vegan… see newt

as of 08/05/21

??C??: she was going to EAT?? the newt?

T: eating a newt… it’s HOW you become coven leader (arrow drawn back to the original coven comment)

this brings us to the photo i posted above

as of 08/10/21

W: what came first the newt or the coven leader?


W: did you eat a newt?

T: Dear Pandora, YOU opened THE box?!

as of 08/14/21

C: If “I” did, do I get to be coven leader (she means eat a newt)

T: 1) must see you turn someone into a newt, 2) must see you eat said newt, 3) “I” CANNOT be the newt!… THEN I’d concede

W: Too late, you are already the newt

as of 08/18/21:


A: I don’t think that word means what you think it means!

As of 08/21/21

yah, I’ve given up trying to narrate 😂😂

As of 09/01/21:

As of 09/05/21:

The End

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