Ashley and I cooked

[pics incl] In all fairness, even between the two of us, we couldn’t manage a meal and Jeff rescued us😉 We have all been taking turns cooking. William and Emily cooked a Russian meal last weekend (dunno if pic but it was FABULOUS!) Courtney cooked alone and it was FABULOUS and looks great!

Ashley and I were attempting to recreate a meal from a local restaurant. She still can’t really use her wrists and it was a bit more chopping than I could manage. When Jeff smelled it getting started, he came to our rescue.

We have a little competition going to see who can use the most farm fresh ingredients we have on hand.

I think Courtney has the most “farm fresh” ingredients because technically Ashley and I did not do our day(s) alone. Actually, I “not” helped Ashley on her day and we went out to eat on mine so… I think I have negative points .

Wish us all luck! (and I don’t really mean for the points, I mean please hope we don’t poison ourselves!)

[NOTE UPDATE: Courtney winning so far w/ most meals cooked and most items used. William and Emily have been cooking from scratch too! I really think that means “Emily is cooking from scratch while William hands her stuff” And I think, after a couple of attempts, we’ve all decided to leave eggplant to the professionals!]

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