Flying to St Thomas, VI

[pics incl] 01/14/22 Flying to St. Thomas, VI

This post will be about our plane rides (x2) and ferry, from Denver to St. Thomas, VI.

I previously posted regarding arriving at Sugar Mill in Tortola, BVI. However, we obviously had to get there first😛 but I wasn’t very organized yet.

First we had to have negative COVID tests. We had to have one for the plane into St. Thomas, VI and one for the ferry into Tortola, BVI. Fortunately, or should I say miraculously, there was one day that we could take the test in Denver and have it count for BOTH entrances. [This was even more amazing when you consider 4/5 of us tested positive for Christmas & New Years!]

I didn’t know beforehand that Jeff had booked us first class. I mentioned before that we made the kids take us to the airport at 3am. We were served breakfast on the first flight. Mimosas on the second.

Were teasing the kids (I didn’t drink mimosas).

I took several photos & a short video clip as we were approaching St Thomas

We stayed in a hotel directly across from the ferry overlooking this bay. (There’s a cruise ship leaving out there)

We quickly realized there are chickens… EVERYWHERE? There really wasn’t anyone around to ask if this is… wild animals, free food or if the area is a huge ranch 🤷‍♀️

I took a few pics of buildings/names because Neil was born in VI.

By the time I was on the ferry…. I was feeling a little green but Jeff thought it be funny to update the kids.

I did manage to snap a few pix.

… and you’ve already met our wonderful driver from airport to Sugar Mill.


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