Finishing Our Stay at Sugar Mill

[pics incl] You want to visit Sugar Mill. I haven’t edited the photos, (except for dates), what you see is here. Our stay was phenomenal, the people, the places, the food, the vibrant colors, the sounds.

Sugar Mill is nestled away from it all and not your Margaritaville type experience. They can connect you though😉

We learned a lot about “Island time” and why they use that phrase. The temperature varies only about 7 degrees. Even “I” got in the water… in January! (Yup it was a bit chilly at first). Chickens. From Jeff’s perspective, seafood, glorious seafood. This week an underwater volcano erupted on the other side of the world, so that’s been in the news too.

Sugar Mill has the main dining and the cafe on the beach. Breakfast/lunch were in the cafe.

I finally had a Pelican pose during breakfast!

We decided to rent a car a head back to one of the beaches we visited the other day. A chanting we will go… “stay left!”

This is the pool & view of some of the upper villas. There are a few more… up higher on the hillside.

We ate lunch at a food truck in town. We wanted to stop by a grocery store for a few items before our boating adventure next week. You usually cannot go wrong eating at a food truck that has local police waiting to eat! That was a good call! We also visited another beach and watched a few people learning to surf before heading back for dinner.

We did not take the car out again because it had a flat. The car was pretty beat up when we got it (probably not a bad thing…. haha… STAY LEFT!!). We noticed that everyone drive on the left but most of the cars had the steering wheel on the left (like in US) but there were also cars with it on the right. I didn’t even try… Jeff just keep telling me to remind him to stay left…. and we’d turn a corner and I’d forget hahaha.

I don’t know why we didn’t think to take pictures of the various salads & appetizers. Jeff is trying something like lobster bisque maybe? I did not. However, I finally coaxed Millie away from one of the other guests. She’s been hanging out with him at the pool helping him sleep they listening to his audio book.

One night in the way down to dinner, my pocket got snagged on a stick… that turned out to be a garden snake 😉. I did not play with the snake. There’s definitely a lot of life and. Birds and tree frogs hang out OUTSIDE the screen to the bathroom & shower , but the little chameleon.. hung out in the shower. The next morning I was “not touching” baby chicks near this flower.

It’s hard to see in the photos but some mornings the water would be off the beach and the waves would not be white capping. One day was kinda rough out there. This particular view is literally towards the Atlantic and from up on our balcony you can actually see the shelf and dramatic change in color of the water.

Our last evening. I tried to capture the sunset while we were waiting for dinner.

I actually ate salad & local veggies more than anything else. Jeff tried lobster every style they served! We had separate apartments…. just kidding 😂

Our final morning. They serve brunch on the weekends. We tried to make sir we took some good quality pictures of some of the things I’ve mentioned. At breakfast, we visited with the other two couples that had accompanied us on the catamaran excursion earlier in the week.

We had our same cheery driver to take us to the next part of our stay…. this week will be on a catamaran all week…. wish me luck.

Hopefully that’s all the photos from our stay on Tortola. If I find stray pics, I’ll sneak them in somewhere for ya.


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