Some Posts Accidentally Deleted

Somewhere between updating my iOS, my WordPress App on my phone and getting a new phone a couple months ago…. MANY posts have been inadvertently deleted. It seems that they all decided that, even though something has successfully been posted to my blog, IF any updates were made and had “local changes saved” [ie. I made an update while not connected to Internet, this was saved to my phone, then I later posted those changes to my blog]…. it REMOVED the entire post, not the duplicate local saved file. Well for the past couple of years I’ve been traveling around (yes, during Covid 😉😷) and many places did not have T-mobile… Therefore, a great many of my posts…. had changes made while my Wi-Fi/Cellular were switched off.


For “most” of them, I have the… let’s call it a draft… randomly. I at least have PHOTOS

I’ll work on restoring those after I finish with our British Virgin Islands trip.

However, ONE HUGE DATA POINT HERE…. I may reference something or someone that has been deleted. If you feel lost… PLEASE lemme know and I’ll jump on that one ASAP.

And… I already know of several missing posts that include photos of William & Emily, so I will put those at the top.

I’d really appreciate that, if you know of others, please, let me know!

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