Dinner Grades

[pics incl] 05/03/22

When Jeff & I returned from Antigua, e discovered that the kids had created a “grading system” for the meals they had cooked. In true, Scott Family Whiteboard fashion

Of course, it was quickly modified:

It has evolved from there:

But then Danny came over for dinner and game night and HE was encouraged to grade his meal. As a result, more detailed grading scale was born.

So far the final grading scale is THIS as of 05/09/22

Since this setup, YES, we have had some great meals… and one fail. But I think I still hold the record for the worst fall… and it wasn’t even my fault! 😉

[NOTE: couple of you have asked me to write this out in text…. so starting at the top working down:

1) I don’t like it… I LOVE it, 2) Don’t listen to her, it’s great, 3) good, 4) not bad, 5) fine, 6) really just fine, 7) it’s alright, 8) just ok, 9) not that bad, 10) zataran’s = consistently unfortunately edible, 11) not that good, 12) yucky, 13) pizza = dinner failed, 14) my mother taught me

Yes, these are abbreviated versions of entire conversations. You kinda gotta hear “the long versions” in person😉 but got the most part, just imagine “fork in hand, after a couple bites, nodding head and saying…… one of the above”

1) “I don’t like it… I Love it!” this dates all the way back to 2nd grade Ashley

6) “really just fine” comes from a previous txt conversation regarding meals

10) refers do a Zataran’s frozen pasta meal from Sam’s. If you’ve never had it then think those party size Stouffer’s lasagna or enchiladas you just throw in the oven for couple of hours.

13) pizza. means we ordered pizza (or other food ) because dinner failed. For example, In the past, power went out on the crock pot , the grill ran out of propane, the potatoes…. This doesn’t necessarily mean we told the person cooking that it was awful. It just means dinner failed

14) “My mother taught me…” … if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all 😂😂 THIS also usually means… we are ordering food

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