Spinal Tap 05/18/22

The spinal pressure test I had today did not quite go as planned. The short version: the numbing agent didn’t kick in… the dog doing the procedure asked if I have any family with red hair? HA! Yes, I tried to explain to them beforehand that anesthesia doesn’t work in me….

The machine setup to do the procedure was extremely interesting and had it not been attached to me at the time I would have loved to explore it in more detail.

When they finally said that they were having trouble getting any spinal fluid because my pressure seemed really low (it should have been really high)… I realized MID procedure that my neuro never had me so taking my brain pressure meds and it never occurred to either of us either.

Needless to say the whole thing was pretty much a full IN MY OPINION, and PAIN played a huge role in today’s procedure. There aren’t enough words to express how poorly the whole thing went so I’ll just leave it at that.

I have a follow with my neuro in a few weeks…. will keep you posted.

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