Tweaking Thyroid Meds 06/28/22

After seeing my endocrinologist today, we has decided to tweak my meds ever so slightly. We are making this small adjustment because I have been having random racing heart while sleeping (& other minor symptoms) and it *might * be my thyroid meds dosage. However, I did speak with her a bit in depth about everything going on with my neurologist as well, just in case any of those changes might affect my thyroid labs.

I have a followup in 3mo. Will keep you posted.

And reminder/FYI, thyroid is very sensitive to bloodwork, as it takes ~8wks to recover from any blood drawn. a few weeks for the meds to make changes and THEN you can draw again… hence the ~12wks.

I appreciated her taking a little extra time to slow down and talk to me and hear my concerns (bit of a stronger words than I mean really). She was taking notes the entire time, pausing to make sure we were both on the same page. Afterwards, the front desk said “would you like a copy of the notes from todays visit? AWESOME!

[NOTE: my previous endocrinologist liked to be cc’d on any other labwork and then after clot, wanted cc’d on EVERYTHING. Today, this doctor repeated what she has said before… she likes reading about medical interests outside her specialty and loves “weird cases”… so she’s about to find out what that REALLY MEANS…. hahaha]

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