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Beverly Hills Annual HOA Party 2015

[pics incl] I know a lot more people showed up after Jeff and I snapped these 🙂  

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I waced a wabbit

I was pulling out of my driveway and a rabbit was haunched up as if getting into “ready position” for a the 100 yard dash. Sure enough, as I put the gear into drive the rabbit sprung to life racing … Continue reading

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Blizzard 02/02/12-02/04/12

[pics incl]  Thought I’d share some pics from the snowstorm we are having.  I managed to remember to take some “before” pictures and I figured I’d just upload pictures as we go.   Honestly, I thought by now (11am) that we’d … Continue reading

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You might be a redneck…

[pics incl] IF… there is a toilet in your front yard! Remodeling the bathroom, if you’re gonna paint right, you should paint behind the toilet, and to do that… you should remove the tank. And just for grins, you should … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Eve, Mom

I have taken up a tradition that my mom started… I swiped her banana bread recipe several years ago and began making mini loaves of banana bread for our neighbors… and a few strays.  We delivered Christmas cards and banana … Continue reading

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