Merry Christmas Eve, Mom

I have taken up a tradition that my mom started… I swiped her banana bread recipe several years ago and began making mini loaves of banana bread for our neighbors… and a few strays.  We delivered Christmas cards and banana bread this evening.  (some of you weren’t home and if you didn’t get yours… we ate it… or we WILL (I’ll make you some more).  I was smirking as we were leaving a friends’ house,  as I realized that I used to think my mom was flat out INSANE for baking tons of mini loaves of bread and delivering it all over the place on Christmas Eve.  I get it now… it probably started one year with cookies, then graduated to a bread loaf or two (the REAL sized loaves)… but then the next year needed a few more and those large loaves are time consuming… so switched to mini-loaf pans.  BUT THEN… word has spread and next thing you know, it’s become an entire process that requires any family member within driving distance to assist you!!  (I’m not quite there yet, but I see how YOU got to that point… and hahaha, to my sister’s who have to help you!)

So as I’m watching the sun set over the mountains, I’m thinking my mom (and any family member within her reach) are probably STILL out delivering banana bread.

I still have presents to wrap… but Merry Christmas Eve… MOM.

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