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Freezing Produce

Thanks for emailing this link, I didn’t want to lose it and figured I’d share: One Year Ago 08/04/2012: AND AND AND AND AND

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Things to freeze

Someone sent me this link because I say that I buy stuff in bulk and freeze it… well, I didn’t know about ALL these 😉

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NON-Hybrid Gardening Seeds

I had several people send me this link and considering they are all master gardeners… I figured I better pass this along before lightening strikes 😉

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Tribute to Aunt Billie

My mom’s Aunt Billie passed away today.  I have fond memories of her attempting to teach me to cook… alas, it’s not the instructor’s fault!  She LOVED to cook and loved sharing her passion with others!  I thought I had … Continue reading

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Courtney’s Banana Bread

[pics incl] Courtney’s first attempt at making Grandma Patsy’s banana bread. I’m never cooking again ;-). it’s the same recipe that Heather and I use… I think the only difference is that she was singing “the farmer in the dell”…. … Continue reading

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Patsy’s Banana Bread

[NOTE:  10/27/2011  After getting requests for MORE of mom’s recipes… she gets her own recipe blog ;-)] I have moved this recipe to:

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A friend recommended this site to me and we’ve tried it out.  I wasn’t assuming that we would like every meal, every week but it is a nice quick way to learn to plan meals and corresponding shopping lists: … Continue reading

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Candied Bacon Gourmet

Got this from Stacey Boyer… THANKS! Candied Bacon Gourmet | February 2007   Adapted from Charlie Palmer     ·Don’t be tempted to transfer bacon to paper towels to drain — the sugar will make the bacon stick to them. … Continue reading

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