Welcome: TAZ Brain Clot MRI pix & Nurse Tributes

Lots of requests for that link to those MRI images of my brain. I’ll keep a link here on top for awhile. No, they aren’t gory just look like fancy x-rays.   MRI 0105/16, MRI 03/21/14   and   MRI 10/17/13    Here’s the info from my last appointment (and catch up on WHAT happened 04/08/13).

While I have you, please read two of my nurse tributes:
An Amazing Insight Into ICU Nurses   AND   I Think I Earned a Brownie Point

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If you are reading this on your phone/iPad/tablet, etc, every once in a while, use the desktop view and see what you might be missing. 🙂

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Sea Shells

Fun little tongue twister & clue to entertain you until I figure out how to upload pix.

She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

Yes, this is a tongue twister AND a clue.

[NOTE: If ya’ll know how to solve my weird WordPress issue, I’m all ears! I can post text & VERY SMALL images from any device. However, if I want to post real pix like I have been, I can only do it if I first manually upload to image media library… which usually requires a laptop. We may have to deinstall/reinstall some stuff… sigh]

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Alrighty, Testing Blog 08/10/22

Still having some issues getting the blog to let me post pictures but hopefully we have all the ISP’s allowing me to send 😉 Feel free to reply if you get this… or even if you don’t HAHAHA!

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Testing Blog 07/20/22

This is a test.

I’m not sure if this post I wrote about 07/08/22 will email out… it wouldn’t let me include photos

Gorgeous Sunset 07/08/22

…. as you can see, I’m still having growing pains on my upgrades…. I can’t seem to figure out how to post pics and as of 07/21/22 some of ya’ll’s ISP are blocking my post emails…. I’ll keep you posted.

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Blog Server Has Been Upgraded 07/13/22

We have updated our servers but I have not updated anything else about the blog yet. Hopefully, this will email out on 07/14/22 and I will catch up on some blogging… otherwise, it’ll be another week😉

[NOTE UPDATE: some emails are not going thru so if you did NOT receive it, e are working on that but feel free to let me know. If you suddenly started receiving again after a long pause… we noticed some isp’s were blocking our other server… no reason we could find… and now you are receiving again. If you want to be removed, let me know…. or have a new email etc…]

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Gorgeous Sunset 07/08/22

[pics incl] Courtney and I were at the park around sunset and commented on how gorgeous the sky looks. I said I was gonna take a photo which spawned a conversation over how much “the camera never does it justice.” However, I held up the picture on my screen, to the sky, and well, it’s pretty close.

[and apparently my blog won’t let me post images…. grr]

She said, turn around over there. I took these three pictures too.

[and when my blog lets me… I’ll put them here… sigh]

A few days later, I was visiting with a neighbor and she asked if I happened to see the double rainbow over our house” the other day?” NO I DID NOT… and WOW!

[and that photo from her will go here]


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Poking Holes and Letting Air Out

Please set your coffee down as this will make you laugh so hard you will spill it! This morning, I looked at my face in the mirror and realized I had little teeny dots lining my hairline. I channeled my inner Stacy and thought she’d say “… and now they’ve poked lots of little holes to let out all the hot air…”

Her first comment to me after she saw my thyroid surgery scar back in 2004 was that “they saw of my head & only put half the stuffing back” or something along those lines. She’s had ample opportunity ever since, to continue along these lines. It seemed fitting this morning that she definitely would NOT pass up on me getting needle injections (yesterday)!

Here’s one for my 2017 surgery: http://blog.scottsontherocks.com/blog/2017/10/27/surgery-103117/

Sorry no “before” pix cuz I was about to take a shower.

I went & got my phone afterwards & took a pic but you can’t see them anymore. At least… I don’t see them. I think the reddish spot is a freckle but I’ll watch it.

For the record, I did call my sister and request the comments that I KNOW she had. and in deference to the actual pain she knew I was having at the moment, she had waited instead of texting me bright & early as she normally does.

From Stacy:

SOOOO… I realize that you have real pain, BUT when YOU post things like “BRAIN MEDS” and “I DON’T UNDERSTAND” and “NEEDLES IN MY HEAD” ALL IN THE SAME “story” —

I can not help but LAUGH at the Frankenstein images that have now popped into my head BEFORE i have had coffee so I am not responsible for my thoughts!!! As I drank my first cup of coffee, I had to think “Well clearly! They have already tried to re-stuff your brain when they removed your thyroid, plug the leaks and tried to refill the holes when you had the clot surgeries and NOW they want to try to make you look “pretty” with BOTOX and say this will help?!” (Only because I already know someone else that uses botox for migraines do I “know” this is a thing BUT for YOU this is now a thing I can laugh at)!!! 😂🤣

This really is the long way around the barn to get plastic surgery…. but I am on to you! Just know… no matter how much younger you may LOOK, you will ALWAYS be OLDER than ME!!! 😛

Love ya! 😁😘

P.S. I wish you had asked me this morning what I was thinking… I giggled for hours today! 😉❤️”


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Neuro Appointment 06/29/22

Today, I had like 20+ teensy injections IN MY HEAD (& neck area). Is only half as bad as it sounds… solely because I really don’t have feeling on my left side! His goal all along, since day one, has been to get me to “zero pain days in zero meds.” I think I posted recently that he has taken me off of one medication I was taking 3/pills at bedtime. But I want sleeping well so we added ONE back.

I had the spinal tap from hell on 05/18/22 to get a pressure reading, which he said today was 11, and considered normal. HOWEVER, Jeff and I pointed out that I was still taking the brain meds. He also mentioned there my CSF proteins were a little high. I asked what that could mean but to be honest, I felt like he didn’t want to discuss that, just move on to the botox We had some conversation about what the pressure might have changed, but mostly he glossed over the entire thing saying that it really didn’t change our “testing plan” of trying the botox injections (used as a migraine dosage).

I may not have any benefit from THIS injection series, he said it usually takes 2-3, which is a detail I didn’t remember knowing.

Overall, I still get EXTREMELY CONFUSED when he tries to explain things and to be honest I’m not sure I know really know anything. This is why Jeff goes. He also asked questions & took notes about today’s visit.

Yes, the little pin prickly needles hurt like a sting and I’m not allowed to RUB those spots. That’s been so hard because when my head hurts… I rub “the clot spot.” it doesn’t do a lick of good but I do it anyways!

the right side of my head and neck really hurt right now but hopefully that will subside soon. I have a followup in 6 weeks and another series of shots in 12… incredibly, is same day and an hour after my next thyroid appointment?!

He didn’t write down or give any other notes.

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Tweaking Thyroid Meds 06/28/22

After seeing my endocrinologist today, we has decided to tweak my meds ever so slightly. We are making this small adjustment because I have been having random racing heart while sleeping (& other minor symptoms) and it *might * be my thyroid meds dosage. However, I did speak with her a bit in depth about everything going on with my neurologist as well, just in case any of those changes might affect my thyroid labs.

I have a followup in 3mo. Will keep you posted.

And reminder/FYI, thyroid is very sensitive to bloodwork, as it takes ~8wks to recover from any blood drawn. a few weeks for the meds to make changes and THEN you can draw again… hence the ~12wks.

I appreciated her taking a little extra time to slow down and talk to me and hear my concerns (bit of a stronger words than I mean really). She was taking notes the entire time, pausing to make sure we were both on the same page. Afterwards, the front desk said “would you like a copy of the notes from todays visit? AWESOME!

[NOTE: my previous endocrinologist liked to be cc’d on any other labwork and then after clot, wanted cc’d on EVERYTHING. Today, this doctor repeated what she has said before… she likes reading about medical interests outside her specialty and loves “weird cases”… so she’s about to find out what that REALLY MEANS…. hahaha]

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Celebration of Life of Wilbur Schroth 06/29/22

Our dear neighbor Wilbur Schroth passed away 06/22/22 and heaven has gained an angel.

Our family has so many great memories that include all the Schroth’s (and all their extended family too!). The landscape of our neighborhood won’t be the same without him. Linda & Wiily have always been kinda grandparents to our family… teasing us, scolding us 😉 but always teaching. Whenever we walked the neighborhood, if Willy was working on something, he’d call whomever of us over and say “look at this, you should know about….” Regardless whether it was carburetors, refilling ammo, building his gorgeous boxes, replacing camper parts…, he’d make sure the girls knew this stuff too. if William was one of our group, he’d ask him if he had that boy scout patch yet and was proud of his boy scout shooting skills.

Only once did I ever get to” scold him back ” … ALTHOUGH, it occurs to me that he may not have shared this (haha) Years ago, he fell off a ladder and Burleigh and I happened by right then, on our walk around the block. Boy did I let him have it… and by extension because he was standing there… Burleigh too! (if you’ve ever heard my “you’re too old to be on a ladder” lecture….) He told me he was too old to be waiting around for a “spotter” and told us the only thing that really concerned him was that maybe if he couldn’t get up, etc… that it’d be coyotes that got him and mess up his boots. Without thinking, I quipped back (like I care of course), that I’d make sure it wasn’t coyotes… but fireants instead. He laughed SOOO hard, hugged my shoulders and said he loved my wicked redneck streak.

We will miss him.

I was browsing through looking for photos and found some of my favorites: Beverly Hillbillies 04/11/15 and Beverly Hills Annual HOA Party 2015 and Beverly Hillbillies’ Birthday Bash and Our HOA Party 07/16/2011 and Celebrating Birthdays


Willy’s celebration of life will be June 29 at 11:00 am, at Horan & Mcconaty

5303 E County Line Rd, Littleton, CO 80122

Reception with lunch will follow in the same building

PS. We will have a former hillbilly hanging out at our place

[NOTE UPDATED 06/29/22

Today, so many great stories were shared about Willy. Jeff has a story and before sharing, was going to ask if Willy knew how to swim. However while Tami was speaking about her dad, she confirmed that he did NOT know how to swim.

Jeff’s story (paraphrased a bit by me): When we first really got to know Willy, a huge group from our neighborhood was camping at a lake. We DID know Rod (… note from TAZ and as difficult as this might be to imagine… you can’t believe a word Rod says! I believe the word today used to describe Willy & Rod was BS! HAHA!) While down at the lake, Willy convinced Ashley to hop on a jetski with him and they took off across the lake. Rod leans over to Jeff and says “Ya know… he doesn’t know how to swim.” Jeff replied “well that’s ok, neither does Ashley.” Until today, Jeff has never been convinced that Rod wasn’t pulling his leg.

[ANOTHER NOTE UPDATE: I was looking for a different photo, for a different neighbor that I spoke to at the funeral and OH MY GOSH… I found the original story told above: Old men should NOT climb ladders!]

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Appointments Next Week

Some of my doctors appointments have been rescheduled (multiple times now) and just all happen to be next week T & W. I’m not sure how I feel about getting all the injections on Wed morning but I’ll keep you posted.

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Strawberry Moon 06/14/22

[pics incl] Tonight is a “strawberry moon” supermoon.

Here’s some URL’s w/ more about why it’s called a strawberry moon and a supermoon.




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Sunset and Deer

[pics incl] Ashley saw this deer in the backyard and captured the shadows of the house and fort across the lawn. We’ve been thinking we were slacking mowing the grass but now we are thinking that it’s been unbelievably dry… we might wait a few days & feed the wildlife?

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Blog Changes Coming Soon

We will be migrating servers and making changes to my blog server. I’m not sure what that will entail, maybe I’ll let one of the kids redesign it… we’ve had some thoughts & ideas on that in the past and now might be a good time to just do it all. If I get a chance, I will force it to send out a notice immediately prior. It should still email out automatically every week…. but feel free to email or txt me too!

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Snow May 21, 2022

[pics incl] It started snowing on Friday

It broke our tree… this might kill it.

But the next day….

It’s chilly but the snow is GONE.

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Spinal Tap 05/18/22

The spinal pressure test I had today did not quite go as planned. The short version: the numbing agent didn’t kick in… the dog doing the procedure asked if I have any family with red hair? HA! Yes, I tried to explain to them beforehand that anesthesia doesn’t work in me….

The machine setup to do the procedure was extremely interesting and had it not been attached to me at the time I would have loved to explore it in more detail.

When they finally said that they were having trouble getting any spinal fluid because my pressure seemed really low (it should have been really high)… I realized MID procedure that my neuro never had me so taking my brain pressure meds and it never occurred to either of us either.

Needless to say the whole thing was pretty much a full IN MY OPINION, and PAIN played a huge role in today’s procedure. There aren’t enough words to express how poorly the whole thing went so I’ll just leave it at that.

I have a follow with my neuro in a few weeks…. will keep you posted.

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